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Melchinger GmbH is a trading company in existence since 1968 which deals in all kinds of leather with the emphasis on leather for clothing and glove production. We also serve all niche markets in which quality, reliability and short delivery periods are called for. To enable us to address these needs, we organize our own raw material supply in Asia, Europe and the Orient. The raw materials sourced from these countries are finished to produce top-quality leather in European and German tanneries. Our range encompasses finished leather as well as leather in various semi-finished states.

Our customers are leading European manufacturers of leather clothing and ready-to-wear textile fashions. We generally supply these producers with ready-to-use cuts on a “just-in-time” basis, delivering to production plants around the world.

Our lean production organization allows us to pass on the benefit of reasonable prices and flexibility to our customers!

Since the year 2000, we have also offered our services to clients around the world as consultants for the establishment of new producing plants and the development of new articles.